About Us

About Uva Startup Hub

Uva startup Hub (USH) is a community of entrepreneurs, investors, professionals & freelancers with the objective of bringing foreign currency to Uva province through IT Startup investments and widening freelancing opportunities as a social service. Join us

If you are a resident or an expat from Uva Province you have the opportunity to join Uva Startup Hub (USH) under one or few of the below categories.

  • A member who already have a startup (To get a better guidance).

  • A member who would like to initiate a startup / join a startup team (To get a good guidance / to get a good team / to get an investment).

  • A member who would like to join an existing company project (For employment).

  • A member who would like to start a career in online freelancing (To get knowledge in online freelancing).

  • A member who would like to be a resource person (To contribute to USH as Investors, lecturers, professional developers ect).